Project Description

“Wonderous… awe-inspiring…vivid and emotional storytelling.”
Gary Goldstein, LA Times
“With tales to tell, they do so with gravity and candor in ‘The Wonder of it All,’ a remarkable oral-history of the Apollo program.”
Bruce Westbrook, Houston Chronicle
“I have seen all the movies, and this one stands apart… What it does is allow these amazing men to tell there story in their own words – and tell it in a way that really hasn’t been told before. This is a story about dreams; about their dreams, but it is also a story about Jeff’s dream to share this story.”
Miles O’Brien, CNN
“Thank you for sharing your superb film with us. I will never forget its impact.”
George H. W. Bush, 41st President of the United States
“They fill our hearts with the wonder of it all.”
Pam Harbaugh, Florida Today
“The best film of its kind ever. It will be hard to beat.”
Walt Cunningham, Apollo 7
“I could see how it stacked up against the dozens of other shows, books and multimedia presentations about space history. And I came away most impressed.”
James Oberg, MSNBC
“Engrossing portraits of the original Moonwalkers… it never lags and is always interesting.”
Michael Janusonis, Providence Journal
“He (Roth) may seem like a nice guy, but he dang near made some Apollo astronauts cry.”
John P. Meyer, Pegasus News
“Roth has done something special: Besides crafting a worthy tribute…he’s recaptured the collective wonder and pride that the entire nation planet felt…it’s a good feeling.”
Richard Van Oosterem, Edmonton SEE, Canada
“The Wonder of it All looks to understand the men who walked on the moon, instead of the science and technology behind the Apollo missions. The result is a highly personal and affecting history of the U.S. effort to send men to the moon.”
Jeremy Hsu,
“I was very moved by the film… I’ve never seen a film that has such a depth of Moonwalkers at the same time.”
Charlie Duke, Apollo 16
“The gold standard for space documentaries remains journalists Al Reinart”s 1989, ‘For All Man Kind’ … Jeffrey Roth’s ‘The Wonder of it All’ is a worthy addition to the cannon.”
Michael Mills, New Times Broward Palm Beach
Only a handful of human beings can tell what it’s like to walk on the moon. Now, with The Wonder of It All, Jeff Roth has done a superb job of capturing their thoughts and feelings. I love this film!
Andrew Chaikin, author of 'A Man on the Moon'
“You got the best interviews some of these guys have ever done. Everyone who cares about Apollo thanks you for it. Wonderful job.”
Al Reinert, Oscar nominated filmmaker, For All Mankind